Audi Cars & Coffee – March 2018: Event Report

Following an obvious success from its first-ever cars & coffee style event in late 2017, Audi of America again hosted a gathering for all car enthusiasts at its Herndon, VA headquarters over the Easter weekend. Plenty of interest from the enthusiast community combined with excellent weather resulted in a record turnout that may even have surprised event organizers.

Washington, DC isn’t new to cars & coffee style events. Any number of them happen on a given weekend around the DC metro area, most notably the Katie’s Cars & Coffee event in nearby Great Falls. Organizers scheduled the Audi headquarter event to follow the entrenched event nearby, making a great morning of event hopping for hundreds of enthusiasts.

Quite obviously, Audi and Audi owners were the focus at the event. Nearly half the cars on display were Audi automobiles. These ranged from a vintage ur quattro to the latest Audi offerings. Given this is Audi of America we’re talking about, the “latest” actually means cars that aren’t even out yet such as the next A7 Sportback.

One very popular car amongst the Audis attending was the RS 3. It’s easy to say they were there in large number, with even several Audi exclusive versions painted in colors such as the very familiar Nogaro Blue or the very captivating Mystic Blue.

A new RS 5 arrived from a nearby Audi Rockville dealership, looking the part parked next to a first-generation RS 5. The same can be said for the aforementioned new A7, parked next to an RS 7 performance that was also one of several in attendance.

Highlights, even if simply narrowing it to just the Audi automobiles attending, are almost too numerous to mention all of them. An R8 GT4 racecar was front and center at the Audi office building, while Audi Tradition’s vintage rally support van was parked casually in the crowd. quattro quarterly feature cars such as that domestic-built RS 4 Avant (Winter 2018) and the New German Performance built B8 S4 Avant (Spring 2018, and in your mailboxes this week) were amongst many other impressive modified builds as well.

Audi of America employees are also known enthusiasts, and we spied several cars owned and operated by them in the crowd. Event organizer Rick Goyal had his own Nardo Grey matte TT RS there, as did Audi of America’s marketing chief Loren Angelo who arrived in his C5 A6 allroad 4.2.

Audi Club was also well represented. Any number of Potomac Chesapeake Chapter members joined the gathering, including Potomac Chapter president and newly minted Audi Club national board member Christine Lemley.

As you might imagine, the Audi Cars & Coffee events are quickly becoming can’t miss gatherings. Organizers tell us they hope to hold another sometime this summer, so look for notification of it via Audi Club emails or on club social media platforms. Also see a full gallery of photos taken at the event below.