Audi and Arcadia Power Partner To Allow e-tron Buyers To Support Renewable Energy Production

source: Audi of America

  • First partnership between Arcadia Power and an automaker to support the production of renewable energy, which can help offset electric vehicle charging
  • Collaboration offers e-tron owners opportunity to invest in renewable power and save on at-home energy costs
  • Customers can learn more and sign up at

SAN FRANCISCO – Audi of America, Inc. announces a partnership with Arcadia Power, a nationwide digital utility service, to allow owners of Audi’s first all-electric vehicle—the e-tron—to support renewable energy production, and to help offset at-home charging and other electricity consumption. The collaboration coincides with the world premiere of the e-tron and the opening of the company’s reservation system for U.S. customers.

Through the partnership, U.S. e-tron customers who receive energy bills from their local utilities can offset their home electricity consumption by supporting renewable energy sources like wind and solar. To get started, customers can visit, connect their electricity bill to Arcadia Power, and select a renewable energy project to support.

With Arcadia Power, e-tron owners can invest in renewable energy without the added costs of a rooftop solar installation. Any owner—no matter if they rent or own their home or apartment—can subscribe to a remote solar project by signing up for Arcadia Power’s nationwide Community Solar program. Subscribers then receive savings on their monthly electricity costs, depending on the project’s energy production.

“We believe Audi e-tron owners are conscientious about how they’re contributing to our collective future,” said Scott Keogh, president of Audi of America. “Wherever they live, Audi is proud to help provide a solution that lets e-tron owners invest in and support renewable energy.”

By signing up, interested Audi owners can join a community of more than 175,000 renters and homeowners in 50 states who are supporting renewable energy.

The Audi e-tron is the first all-electric, fastest-charging vehicle being introduced by the Audi brand. It is a spacious five-seater, electric mid-sized SUV that is very well-equipped for premium buyers to go electric today. The Audi e-tron boasts an innovative battery design engineered for repeatable performance and longevity with safety in mind, accompanied by the highest levels of infotainment and driver assistance systems. A complete ecosystem to charge at home and on the road delivers the confidence customers deserve to go electric today.

The e-tron is expected to be delivered to U.S. showrooms in the second quarter of 2019. The e-tron will be the first of three battery-electric vehicles that Audi plans to debut by 2020, as the company anticipates that one in every three of its U.S. customers will buy an electric vehicle by 2025.

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