And the Winner of the 1985 Audi quattro in Our Audi Club Sweepstakes Is…

This afternoon, George and I were the lucky ones to choose the winner of the Audi Club Sweepstakes. If you’ve lived under a rock for the last 6 months, Audi Club’s grand prize in the sweepstakes is a 1985 Audi quattro and not just any 1985 Audi quattro. This 1985 specimen painted Zermatt Silver Metallic was originally built to U.S. specification, making it the penultimate evolution of the ur quattro sold in the United States. This particular car has been professionally augmented even further, with 20-valve AAN-code 5-cylinder engine built to produce over 300 hp, sport shocks and springs, Porsche brakes, RECARO seats, and more. These components combine to make this quattro true to original form, yet a more capable and reliable for ultimate driving enjoyment.

The quattro is currently at Audi Allentown who were gracious enough to host our quattro for the final week of the sweepstakes. And there, George and I picked the winner. We also chose the winners of our last promotion: a giveaway that included a 1:18 scale Nogaro Blue B5 S4 sedan, a 1:18 scale C5 allroad, and a Formawerx key. Those winners are Gregg Brodka, Anthony Scotti, and David DeLuca. They will be contacted in the order they were drawn and will have their pick of the promo prizes.

And the winner is…Erica Mouzon!

Congratulations! I had the pleasure of contacting Erica and she was more than thrilled to hear that she had won. In fact, I think she blew out my eardrums…

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Sweepstakes. The Audi Club quattro Sweepstakes supports Audi Club North America, a 501(c)(3) educational organization. Each entry you purchase gives you a chance to win the iconic Audi quattro Coupé, also known as “ur quattro”. Your purchase is a donation that allows Audi Club to operate 32 chapters across North America and conduct safe driver training programs for club members and drivers from new to experienced, including programs aimed at high-performance driving, accident avoidance, winter skills training, teen drivers, senior drivers, and women-focused clinics. Generous support from donors like you allows Audi Club to operate its programs and also driving schools on in-city closed courses, purpose-built training centers, winter ice and snow venues, and iconic world-class racetracks.

Keep an eye out for our next sweepstakes which will be launching shortly!