All German Car Show Turnout for Kansas City

It was a perfect Indian summer day and we greeted close to 300 German cars at the annual all German Concours d’Elegance on October 2nd.  This show was sponsored by Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and VW.
Audis had a great assortment: Cabriolets, Q7’s,Avants, S/4’s, a nice S/5, an
RS/10 and one nice B5.  All in all 28 Audis.

Notable were several of the S4’s that were heavily modified and sounded great! This is a wonderful annual event to come and show off your Audi. Special challenge and invitation next year for the very active Audi Club St Louis to show up!
Audi Club Kansas City will be having several fall drives and a cars and coffee coming up.  Join us if you are in the area!  Bill Harsh, Audi Club Kansas City