ABT RS6-E: Into The Future With A Double Heart: 1,018 HP In The ABT Prototype

[source: ABT  Sportline]

Will we still be able to refer to car enthusiasts as “petrolheads” in the future? Or will they be seduced by the whisper-quiet punch of electric drives? ABT Sportsline uses a fully operational prototype to provide an exciting glimpse of the future of tuning. The worldwide largest tuner for Audi and Volkswagen vehicles shows how to bring the best of both worlds together. The car, which is based on an already tuned ABT Audi RS6, pushes not only the limits of performance with up to 1,018 HP system power. It also brings combustion engine and electric drive closer together in this exciting hybrid project. The engineers installed an additional electric motor in the transmission tunnel to bring an extra boost to the rear axle at the press of a button. How this works demonstrates race driver Daniel Abt in his latest video, in which he introduces the ABT RS6-E and presses the “Magic Button” for the first time:

The ABT Audi RS6-E already impresses with the key figures of the internal combustion engine, which itself offers 730 HP (537 kW). The difference to the 560 HP (412 kW) production engine is made possible by the ABT Engine Control (AEC) unit developed in-house and a modified exhaust system. This performance package is already available to buy as ABT Power R. The prototype, however, has more to offer, though. If the driver wants to take the car’s acceleration to the max, electric power can be used additionally above 100 km/h: This releases 288 HP (213 kW) and 317 Nm additional torque for a short time. Overall, this results in a system power of 1,018 HP and 1,291 Nm. As the enormous additional power is only activated when needed, a relatively compact battery with a capacity of 13.6 kWh is sufficient.

ABT Sportsline received impulses for the ambitious project from its own department for electric mobility, ABT e-Line, and from motorsports. Among other things, the company is in charge of the Audi vehicles for Formula E. The RS6-E prototype preempts the change expected for the tuning sector which could result from the increasing popularity of hybrid vehicles and alternative drives. ABT Sportsline is perfectly prepared for this future scenario and uses the RS6-E to demonstrate how much potential the next generation power boosts have.

But the special prototype also impresses visually, for example with a futuristic vehicle film wrap reminiscent of the design of a printed circuit board. This is also reflected in the AERO rings, which are a special feature on the 21-inch rims of type ABT Sport GR. Of course the comprehensive aerodynamics package offered by the tuner for the normal Audi RS6 is also in place: front lip, front skirt add-ons, mirror caps, fender inserts, side skirt add-ons and rear skirt add-ons including rear spoiler. H&R suspension springs ensure appropriate lowering of the chassis, allowing the driver to stay in control of the 1,018 HP at all times.