25 x New R8s In House. Don’t You Wish Scherer Sport was in the U.S.A.

Remember Scherer Sport, the Audi dealer near Frankfurt that both operated a DTM team and worked with ABT Sportsline to create the XGT roadgoing R8 GT2? Turns out R8s are kind of a thing for them, and they went heavy on R8 orders as Audi closed out production on its mid-engine supercar.

How heavy is heavy? Well, Scherer Sport posted last week on Facebook that it had secured 25 new cars and put them into inventory. To drive that point home, they also posted photos of the gaggle of R8s taking up virtually their entire showroom.

Alas, these are German market R8s so not really relevant to our primarily North American membership. Even still, we felt it was a post worth celebrating. Which one would you choose?