034Motorsport ZTF-01 Forged Wheels

034Motorsport is excited to announce the new line of fully forged VW and Audi specific wheels!

034Motorsport ZTF Wheels are fully forged, designed with ultimate performance in mind. ZTF Wheels are sold with a lifetime structural warranty against defects. Rest assured that ZTF Wheels for your specific vehicle will fit perfectly without any guessing games or modifications to fenders or suspension components.

When designing these wheels, 034Motorsport engineers curated each wheel for its intended platform and application for optimal fit with the largest possible tire size, all without modification to the car’s fender space. Each wheel has a recommended tire size for the applications they are created for, making for a no-hassle experience for customers looking to upgrade.

Product Features:

●  Fully Forged Billet Aluminum Construction

●  Specialized Sizing optimized for Audi and Volkswagen

●  Gear Cut Knurled Bead Seat

●  Reinforced Inner Rim Flange

●  Maximum Fitment

●  Large Brake Clearance Compatibility

●  Rigid Spoke Tracer

●  Weight Reduction

ZTF Wheel Line

Retail Price: Starting at $530