XS Car Night 2018: Event Report

XS Car Night, the brain child of German tuning outlet XS World, is a well-entrenched international fixture. The gathering began in Berlin, and then four years ago also popped up in SoCal. One would expect the most incredible tuned German cars to be rampant in the German capital, and perhaps it’s not that surprising they’re also found in droves on our left coast. In as much, the 2018 XS Car Night drew a very impressive crowd of cars to Long Beach last week.

As anyone on the Audi Club Southern California chapter will tell you, the four rings run strong in enthusiast circles in this part of the country. That much should be evident in these pictures, ranging from a very early example U.S.-only Audi Fox wagon (or Avant), to the most latest and greatest offerings such as H&R’s own SEMA star RS 3 sedans.

L.A.-based photographer Denis Podmarkov attended XS Car Night and shot plenty of photos of the four-ringers in attendance. Fortunately for us, he was also kind enough to share them with our audience. Enjoy.