Date/Time :
May192019 - May212019
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

WHAT: The 2019 edition of the Audi Club Wisconsin High Performance Driver Education Event

WHEN: Sunday May 19, 2019 until Tuesday afternoon May 21, 2019.

WHERE: Road America Plymouth, Wi

WHO: Novice drivers through instructors from the US and Canada who want to increase their skill level in  HPDE diving using their own cars on one of the world’s best road course venues.  YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD TO DRIVE IN THIS EVENT. 

SUNDAY, MAY 19: Registration and vehicle tech along with a light dinner and cash bar will held at the home of our featured sponsor Throttlestop in Elkhart Lake. A tour of their new facility will be available as well. A driver and instructor meeting is scheduled for 6:00 PM at Throttlestop.

MONDAY, MAY 20: Will start with a quick meeting, then a classroom session for beginner and intermediate drivers. The rest of the morning will be taken up with in-car exercises led by our instructors. They will demonstrate threshold braking techniques, side to side weight transfer in a slalom exercise and an accident avoidance exercise. Classroom sessions continue on and off through the two days. If you are a novice you will be assigned an instructor to ride with you whenever you are on the track. In the afternoon you will go out onto the track. Your instructor will drive you around in your car to show you the line and acquaint you with the track. Instructors drive you at a reasonable and quite reduced speed, as they want you to learn from the orientation. Then you will begin driving the entire track with your personal instructor coaching you the whole time.

MONDAY EVENING will bring our banquet and a time to socialize with the other drivers and instructors from the US and Canada. Our sponsors always have cool Audi stuff that we give away or auction off.  The banquet at the Osthoff is $30 per participant. Guest dinners are also $30 each. You’ll be able to enter your choice of entree on the registration form. A vegetarian meal is also available.

TUESDAY you will have classroom interspersed with a mystery exercise and lots of time on the track to hone your skills.

Road America is a four mile road course opened in 1950 which features 14 turns, three fast straights and challenging features such as The Kink and The Carousel. Road and Track magazine has named Road America one of the top race tracks in North America. In 2018 they said “ Some people still call Road America the center of road racing in North America. It has everything that makes up a great track, like elevation change, long straights, variety of corner types and amazing scenery. ” This is a course that should be on your bucket list!


Audi Club Membership: 

Audi Club membership is required for instructors. If you are an instructor but not an Audi Club member go to the national club website or call 262-567-5476  to join. The cost is $49 per year. This can be paid by credit card. You will need your Audi Club membership number to complete the registration process. Students who are not Audi Club members will be assessed an additional fee that will be used to buy them an Audi Club membership. All brands of car are welcome, you don’t need an Audi to participate!

Select SUV’s are also welcome in the Novice class!  See details on the registration website.


No convertibles will be allowed to participate in any ACNA driving school which takes place on a “race track”. This includes TT’s, Boxters, BMW Z3’s, etc. Vehicles with factory roof hoops and/or deployable roll over protection will not be allowed. For the above excluded vehicles to be allowed to participate at a “race track” the minimum requirements are:

  1. A four-point roll cage consisting of a main hoop behind the front seats anchored by two rear braces.
  2. A four and preferably five-point safety harness for both driver and instructor.
  3. Arm restraints are recommended but not required at this time.

Removable hard tops are not considered structural roofs. The only exception is if they meet minimum “race track” requirements as detailed above.


All participants must wear a helmet. Helmets must be Snell 2010 (M or SA) or 2015 (M or SA). Helmets with only DOT specification, regardless of year, may not be used. Helmets with both DOT and Snell specification are allowed as long as they are 2010 or newer.


Fees are only payable online only with your credit card when you register. See registration form for details.

Audi Club Member – Students $495

Non Audi Club Member – Students $545 (up charge funds will be used to buy you a membership in the Audi Club)

Audi Club Member – Instructors – $195 (Instructors must be Audi Club members before registering for the event.)

Banquet Only – $30/person for participants and guests

Questions to Mark at mailto::[email protected]   or call 414-899-1495

Registration closes on May 15, 2019 at 11:56 PM CDT

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Many automobile insurance policies now exclude coverage for events that take place on a race track. The only way to know if your policy still covers driving schools is to read your policy. If you find that your policy does not cover our driving schools you may purchase event insurance from









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