Win Another Audi RS 6 Avant? Yes, but We’re Not Affiliated.

It’s a moment that sort of feels like seeing someone else at the prom wearing the same dress. Yes, we’ve found another RS 6 Avant Sweepstakes. No, it’s not ours. Even still, we bet our readers will want to know about it.

As you may recall, Audi Club is giving away an Audi exclusive RS 6 Avant in the color of your choice later this summer (MORE DETAILS AND ENTER HERE). We’re pretty excited about that. It’s the most expensive car we’ve ever given away by a long shot. One lucky winner will get to order it in their color choice on us and it will go to their closest American Audi dealership of their choice. Since they’re ordering it, we’re also making sure they can add any optional equipment they may want so long as they pay the uncharge for that equipment. It’ll also come with a Thule roof rack, roof box, rubber mats and trunk liner from Audi Accessories, plus detailing kit from Griot’s Garage and camping gear from Mountain Hardwear. We’re pretty ecstatic about it.

All of a sudden, this week there’sĀ another RS 6 Avant Sweepstakes on the block. This time around it’s the Petersen Automotive Museum over on the Omaze Sweepstakes platform (MORE DETAILS AND ENTER HERE).

Alright, we can’t say we were ecstatic to see this. The Audi Club RS 6 Avant Sweepstakes is a major fundraiser for our own programming, and so seeing the same RS 6 dress at the same sweepstakes prom wasn’t exactly good news.

The more we got to thinking about it though, optimism took over. For starters, it’s for a great cause. We’re big fans of the Petersen Automotive Museum. And honestly, can you really have too many RS 6 Avants being given away to enthusiasts? We’d say no, but we’re hoping more and more don’t pop up until after our sweepstakes is complete. If you’re planning one of your own, maybe wait until ours is over. We promise, we’ll promote it if you do.

For those keeping track, there are differences between the two sweepstakes. Omaze car giveaways tend to follow the same formula. Taxes are paid and there’s $20K in the trunk. We don’t do that, but it’s certainly cool that they do.

Theirs is one spec – Sebring Black Pearl Effect with equipment detailed on their website. They ship it to you. Ours is built to your spec in the Audi exclusive color of your choice, and comes with some extra equipment all mentioned above. So, your spec, but you’ll wait while it gets built. Theirs is a MY2021. Given our timing, ours will be a MY 2022.

Our take? Play both sweepstakes. More chances to win an RS 6 Avant can only be a good thing, and funding for non-profit organizations like Audi Club North America and the Petersen Automotive Museum means better programming and support for the auto enthusiast hobby.