Why an Audi Drives Like an Audi: the Audi DNA in the Driving Characteristics

source: Audi AG

  • Development, tuning and calibration… all geared toward a distinctive Audi driving experience
  • Fundamental criteria underline the typical driving behavior of each and every Audi model
  • Intelligent control of an increasingly integrated network of mechatronic chassis components

It’s a feeling most people recognize immediately: This is an Audi! The driving experience is unmistakable, a harmonious balance of driving dynamics and ride comfort. Decisive, in this respect, is a finely integrated interplay between the various components, whether that be suspension, steering, powertrain as well as brake and control systems. The driving DNA, that can be felt and experienced in every Audi, is defined in the concept phase of every model and then realized through both basic and final fine tuning. To achieve their aim Audi developers are guided by fundamental qualities that are used to characterize and assess driving behavior. These are: balanced, solid, controlled, networked, precise and effortless. The outcome is the driving experience that is typical of an Audi.