‘Wheel of Fortune’ Loser is Made a Winner by Audi of America

words: Bill, photo: Audi of America

You may (or may not) have heard about the contestant on a recent Wheel of Fortune who lost out on a new Audi Q3 due to a technicality. That technicality was her not saying the winning phrase (CHOOSING THE RIGHT WORD) as one phrase. Charlene said “Choosing the right…………………word!”

Winner? Unfortunately, you can hear theĀ beep beep buzzing of a wrong answer. Host Pat Sajak had to tell Charlene that she didn’t win because she paused for several seconds between ‘right’ and ‘word’. She had to say that phrase all at once. She took the news graciously but not fans of the game show nor social media. *watch the video in the tweet below*

Almost immediately, there was an uproar and people were (rightfully) angry. #GiveHerTheQ3 started trending on Twitter. Audi of America took notice and…well…read the tweets from Audi of America’s Twitter feed:

and then this happened:

Congratulations to Charlene and kudos to Audi! As Audi said, there is no community like the Audi community. Happy Holidays!