Video of the Day: Martin Harp builds a V10 B5 AND a V8TT B5

video: Deutsche Auto Parts

I don’t know what to say about these B5s other than the fact that they are true Q-ships…when they are parked and have their hoods closed. Once you hear them though, their covers are blown. Martin Harp is the genius behind these B5 builds.

The V10 B5 started life as a “regular” S4. Martin transplanted a 4.2 V8 but decided to install a VR6. After running into some difficulties with parts and other things, he found an $1,800 5.2 V10 on Facebook Marketplace. Through trial and error and a lot of custom fabrication, this wailing monster was born. And he even kept the manual transmission.

Building that S4 gave him the confidence to tackle his next project: the 4.0 V8TT out of a C7 S7 into a wide body B5 A4. What makes this car extra special is that it is also equipped with a manual transmission; something that was never offered from the factory on cars equipped with the 4.0 V8TT.

You can follow Martin on his Instagram (harp_attack) and watch the video below from the great folks at Deutsche Auto Parts. I have to thank Paul Barrett and crew at DAP for bringing these amazing B5s to our attention. Enjoy.