Video of the Day: Keith Brantley’s APR Tuned RS 3 Runs 9s in the Quarter Mile

[video: APR]

The current gen RS 3 has been the darling of the automotive world since it was released and now it’s the darling of the drag strip. Keith Brantley has an impressive list of mods on his APR Tuned 2018 Audi exclusive Orange Pearl Effect V3 RS 3:

APR ECU & TCU Upgrades with E85
TTE625 Drop-in Stock-Housing Turbo
Intake System Straight-Pipe / Dump Tube Exhaust System Intercooler System
Fueling System
18×8.5 Wheels
245x40R18 Hoosier Drag Radials
Seats Removed

On May 1st, Keith went to Montgomery (AL) Motorsports Park and ran 9s not once, not twice but a total of eight times and set several records for the RS 3:

9.83 Seconds – Quarter Mile ET
144.41 MPH – Quarter Mile Trap Speed
2.44 Seconds – 0-60 MPH via Dragy
4.79 Seconds – 60-120 MPH via Dragy
5.91 Seconds – 60-130 MPH via Dragy

His quickest run was [email protected]…damn.

His runs:

[email protected] – 2,175 FT Density Altitude (86.7F, 29%, 29.87 In.Hg.)
[email protected] – 2,187 FT Density Altitude (86.1F, 31%, 29.87 In.Hg.)
[email protected] – 2,197 FT Density Altitude (86.0F, 32%, 29.87 In.Hg.)
[email protected] – 1,924 FT Density Altitude (81.4F, 40%, 29.86 In.Hg.)
[email protected] – 1,930 FT Density Altitude (80.3F, 47%, 29.87 In.Hg.)
[email protected] – 1,571 FT Density Altitude (74.6F, 61%, 29.87 In.Hg.)
[email protected] – 1,382 FT Density Altitude (71.3F, 69%, 29.88 In.Hg.)
[email protected] – 1,341 FT Density Altitude (70.8F, 69%, 29.88 In.Hg.)

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