Video of the Day: Audi RS e-tron GT vs Audi R8 V10

words: Bill, video: carwow

As the ICE era draws down for our beloved Audi, the electric one emerges and produces the new King of Audi, the RS e-tron GT. We can only imagine what is in store for us as the future gets closer.Mat Watson from carwow gives us a glimpse of the future versus the past when he takes on a pre-facelift Audi R8 V10 against the new hotness, the Audi RS e-tron GT.

If you’re not familiar with carwow, we’ve featured them many times in the past as Mat seems to like putting Audi up against very stiff competition. He daily drives a new Audi RS 6 Avant so we can imagine where his love lies. But what happens when he puts an Audi up against another Audi? Which one will he want to win?

The RS e-tron GT he drives is 5,174lbs with 646hp and 612 ft-lb torque. The pre-facelift R8 V10 weighs in at 3,616lbs with 620hp and 427 ft-lb torque. He pits them in a drag race (or two), a rolling race, and a brake test. Will the extra weight of the RS e-tron GT negate any advantage of hp/ft-lb it has over the R8 or will the R8 run donuts around it (as seen above)? Watch below.