Video of the Day: Audi RS 6 Avant vs Lamborghini Urus Drag Race

words: Bill, photos: Archie Hamilton Racing

In today’s video, Archie climbs into an Audi RS 6 Avant while his mate gets the Lamborghini Urus. Easy peasy win right? While both are powered by the twin-turbo 4L V8, the Lambo has 641hp/626lb-ft while the RS 6 makes do with 591hp/591lb-ft. However, the Urus weighs in at 4,844lbs; the RS 6 weighs 4,575lb…and sits lower.

They put both automotive cousins through two drag races and two rolling races. Which cousin will win? I know which one our audience will choose. How can you go wrong with a super wagon? Watch the outcome below.