Video of the Day: Ashes to Asphalt – the Tale of the 034Motorsport B9 Audi S4 Built in 24 Hours

words: Bill, video: 034Motorsport

It’s a Tuesday night and you have a drag strip rented for Thursday to test the power of your B9 S4 with the goal of running in the 9s but then you get a phone call that the car…is on fire. What do you do? Most if not all of us would throw in the towel and weep in our drinks as we raise one for the carcass of our S4 but Javad Shadzi isn’t most of us. Javad is the owner/CEO of 034Motorsports and while the news was disappointing, he and his team rallied together to get another B9 S4 and turn it into a monster in 24 hours. Watch the insanity and triumph below.