Video: Iroz vs. the Hoonicorn

Remember that scene in The Matrix where “the one” Neo is uploaded with Kung Fu and takes on the master Morphius. It is the ultimate sparring session between the established legend and the one with the power that everyone is just so in awe of? The latest video from Hoonigan is pretty much that, whereby Hank Iroz of Iroz Motorsport takes his most beastly Audi RS 3 sedan to a drag strip at an undisclosed location to take on Ken Block and his legendary Hoonicorn Mustang for the ultimate bragging rights.

We won’t spoil it for you, but we can tell you two obvious facts about the pairing. First and foremost, this is a slugfest of Matrix level. Second, you know Audi enthusiast and master Hoonigan Brian Scotto had something to do with it. Not surprisingly, he’s in the video.

Check it out below.