Video: Audi Miniatures Invade Baqueira Beret

words: Bill Cho, photos and video: Audi Spain

Baqueira Beret is a beautiful ski resort located in the Spanish Pyrenees. Audi España sponsors the Quattro Era Baishada, a race that features both downhill skiing and snowboarding.

If you were fortunate enough to be at the ski resort on February 10 and 11, Audi hid scale models of their vehicles all over the ski resort. And by “hid” I mean they placed them in easily visible places. Worst game of Hide N Seek ever but the prizes were fantastic.

To promote both the races and the giveaways, Audi Spain released this whimsical video of scale model Audis invading the ski resort. There’s even a nod to the famous 1986 Audi commercial featuring a 100s quattro driving up a ski jump (video below).

It snowed today and this video has me wanting to go outside with my scale model Audis. Enjoy the videos and the photos.

The Audi Spain video:

and the 1986 Audi 100s Ski Jump commercial: