Video: Audi A4s Used for Armored Truck Heist in South Africa

Maybe it was the influence of the first Audi S8  in the oft-sighted movie Ronin, or maybe it’s just because Audi automobiles tend to be both fast and practical. Whatever the reason, Audi tends to be a go-to getaway car or heist car of choice… and not just in the movies. The latest example of such is a pair of Audi A4 sedans used by a gang in Pretoria, South Africa to hit an armored car on the N4 highway in the middle of the day.

Given the conditions, perhaps it’s not a surprise that there’s plenty of footage from the job, including this video of the process going down. Another shot from the local Rekord Centurion newspaper website show the damaged truck and cash littered all over the side of the road.

Apparently the gang, traveling in the Audi sedans, shot out the tires of the northbound van. The truck was forced to stop. The drivers were pulled from the van and forced to lay on the ground but were otherwise unharmed. The gang got away with the robbery, one of six such heists in the area in the last three months.