Unitronic Performance Software for B9 S4, S5 and SQ5 3.0TFSI

source: Unitronic

Unitronic® Performance Software is now available for the B9 S4®, S5® and SQ5® equipped with the 3.0TFSI EA839 (CWG) engine. With testing and validations completed, power outputs are increased by up to +103HP/ +121LB-FT with Unitronic Stage 1+ 93octane/98ron Performance Software for a maximum of 454HP / 481LB-FT. Unitronic is also proud to announce this software upgrade is entirely compatible with its UniCONNECT+ cable, empowering Clients to tune their vehicles themselves directly through the OBD-2 port within minutes, from the comfort of their own home or garage.

With baseline figures and data acquisition completed in stock format, Unitronic interprets the data and recalibrates the Bosch MG1 engine control unit equipped on the B9 S4, S5 and SQ5 to achieve optimal performance through an increase in boost, optimized ignition timing, lambda, camshaft timing, and much more. Research and development of Unitronic’s Performance Software continues with further dyno, track, and road testing, while closely monitoring running conditions through high-speed data logging tools and equipment to ensure maximum performance is achieved, while maintaining complete OEM-like reliability and drivability.

After extensive development time and countless hours of flash protocol testing, a multitude of empirical data is collected from around the world. Once a thorough analysis is completed, Unitronic calibrators develop the Performance Software which is fully optimized for maximum performance while staying within the constraints of the OEM hardware to ensure reliability and drivability are maintained. This results in Stage 1 (91 octane/95 RON) and Stage 1+ (93 octane/98 RON) ECU calibrations fully supported by Unitronic’s UniCONNECT+ cable.

Unitronic is committed to continuing development of the 3.0TFSI EA839 engine platform found in the B9 S4/S5 and SQ5, with plans to roll out additional fuel support for E85 and Race Gas in the near future.

Unitronic’s Performance Software is optimized for use with Unitronic’s Carbon Fiber Intake System and Intercooler Upgrade.* For best results, Unitronic strongly recommends these hardware upgrades to achieve advertised power figures. Without these hardware upgrades, users can expect a loss of up to 20HP.


2017-2020 Audi S4 3.0TFSI EA839 (CWG)

2018-2020 Audi S5 3.0TFSI EA839 (CWG)

2018-2020 Audi SQ5 3.0TFSI EA839 (CWG)

*Hardware not compatible with the B9 SQ5