Unfair Advantage: Podcast of Audi Club North America

Oh my god we have a podcast.

A couple of times a month, we put out a newsletter called Unfair Advantage. It’s a recap of Audi news of the past weeks.

George Achorn, Editor of quattro Magazine, wanted to start a podcast for Audi enthusiasts. The inaugural podcast is about events happening in 2019. By no means is this a complete listing and it’s also not exclusively for Audi Club members but there are Audi Club events mentioned. For more detailed descriptions of Audi Club events, please visit the Audi Club chapter’s website that is located near you or click on the Events tab or visit our Audi Club North America Facebook page. Forgive us for the sound quality. As George explained, we were recording in our Hershey office located on the main road and our microphones weren’t working.

Now with little fanfare and a bit of trepidation (because I really don’t like the sound of my voice), here’s the podcast.

If you have suggestions for future episodes or have a question about this particular one, please email me at [email protected]. Enjoy!