Unfair Advantage Podcast: Brad Beardow, Owner RML Wheels and Co-Founder of fifteen52, Talks Wheels, Builds, Audi Sport in the 80s, EVs, Gymkhana, the Car Hobby, and Much, Much More

Brad Beardow may be best known as co-founder of fifteen52 and its association with Ken Block’s Gymkhana series, but his career goes back much further. After meeting Audi’s American motorsport boss Jo Happen by chance in Florida in the early 90s, Beardow founded his own tuning firm VW Sport selling ABT Sportsline, Projectzwo and more in the DC area, later morphing to 1552 Design. After a short period managing editorial at VWvortex and Fourtitude, he returned to the tuning business relaunching 1552 (now fifteen52) as a wheel brand and seeing it tie together with Hoonigan and Ken Block’s Gymkhana series. Brad’s past all that now, launching some of his favorite wheel designs as RML (Retro Modern Line) Wheels and took the time to catch up for more than two-hours for our podcast. Follow him at @rmlsnowflakes.

Listen HERE.