Two Raffles, Two Winners, 6005 Tickets Sold, One Exhausted National Office…Some Stats For The 2018 Audi Club North America Raffle

Two raffles, two winners, 6005 tickets sold, one exhausted National office…

Audi Club North America would like to thank you all for a successful 2018 raffle! This year, we decided to raffle off two vehicles instead of one – a 2019 S5 Sportback premium plus and a RS 3 sedan. In the past, we normally sold around 3,500 tickets but this year, you helped us sell 6,005 tickets! The breakdown of the sales:

S5 Sportback premium plus- 2,740

RS 3 sedan- 3,265

It was a lot closer than we had anticipated. Talk around the office thought that the RS 3 would run away with the sales but as you can see, it was a close race.

On Friday December 7th Shavlik CPA in Long Lake, Minnesota drew the winning S5 Sportback premium plus raffle ticket # 862. Paul Truess, Executive Director, had the pleasure of calling the winner…but had to leave a voicemail when the winner did not pick up. Paul didn’t have to wait long before Larry Morris of Reno, Nevada called back.

Larry Morris (Audi Club Sierra Chapter) will be taking delivery of his new 2019 Audi S5 Sportback Premium Plus from Audi Reno Tahoe.

Just one week later, on Friday December 14th, Paul called the the winning RS 3 sedan raffle ticket # 800…and once again had to leave a voicemail. Congratulations to Alex Ramos (right) who had ticket #800 to our Audi RS 3 raffle, and as a result, popped into Audi Hoffman Estates near Chicago to discuss placing his order for a new RS 3. Rumor is he wants Glacier White.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the 2018 Raffle especially the overworked National office staff who fielded uncountable calls for tickets! Congratulations again to Larry Morris and Alex Ramos on your wins! We would love pictures of your vehicles when you receive them.

Next year, I can see a run on tickets numbered 800-899…

The Audi Club Raffle is conducted in accordance with Minnesota statutes under Minnesota Raffle License X-35052-18-010. Net proceeds of the raffle go to benefit Audi Club safe driver education programs. Audi Club North America is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.