Turning Old Into New: MaterialLoop Project Tests Circular Economy Potential of End-Of-Life Vehicles

source: Audi AG

  • Audi is building knowledge to close the loop on materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, and glass
  • Markus Duesmann: “It is our goal to reuse as many materials as possible at high quality.”
  • First project successes: recycled steel to be used in up to 15,000 inner door parts for the Audi A4

With its joint project ”MaterialLoop”, Audi is taking the next step toward closing more material cycles in the automotive industry. Together with 15 partners from the research, recycling, and supplier sectors, the brand with the four rings is looking into the reuse of so-called post-consumer materials, which are taken from customer vehicles at the end of their lifecycle, from the automotive sector for the production of new cars. As part of Audi’s circular economy strategy, the project provides valuable insight on how a circular economy can be put into practice.