The Fast Lane Car: RS 5 Sportback Spied in New Jersey

words: Bill Cho, photos: The Fast Lane Car, render: X-Tomi Design A reader of sent them pictures of the RS 5 Sportback they captured testing in New Jersey. Scott Keogh, Audi of America President, confirmed in January that the hot sportback was coming to the States. This is exciting news as we expect a new wave of RS models to hit our shores and what the secret RS model is that Scott alluded to in that interview has been a hot debate on our Facebook page. Keep an eye out...

Drag Race: Porsche Boxster vs…B9 allroad?

words: Bill Cho, video: The Fast Lane Car I've seen some odd drag races like the SQ7 vs Ford Focus RS but this one might take the cake. The Fast Lane Car drags a 2018 allroad against a 2006 Porsche Boxster. Obviously it's not a serious race and the guys are just having some fun. The Porsche has a 236hp 199b-ft flat six with RWD and a 5 speed manual transmission. The allroad is a 252hp 273 lb-ft 2.0 liter turbo with quattro and a 7 speed S tronic transmission but it weighs 3,825