Audi RS Q8 a “Cool Mule”, Testing at Nurburgring with this Livery

Considering the news cycle this week, it appears that Audi Sport has been extra-busy RS-ing all of the things. Yesterday's drop of the RS 6 Avant plus confirmation of it for the USA lit up all the phones at your friendly neighborhood Audi dealers, and now we've got new photos of the RS Q8 testing at Nurburgring. Like the Audi RS 6 Avant, the RS Q8 is based on the latest evolution of the brand's MLB component set, and in as much it is expected to share the same highly potent drivetrain ... Audi RS Q8 Spied Completely Uncovered With Wild Red Accents

[gallery link="none" columns="1" size="full" ids="32576"] source: Audi has done little to keep its king-sized high-performance Q8 SUV under wraps. Sightings of lightly camouflaged prototypes started occurring in mid-2018 after a year of rumors. The camouflaged covered the front fascia, wheel arches, the lower portion of the doors, and the rear bumper. It wasn't hiding much. Instead, the prototypes confirmed the RS Q8's development. We now have new spy photos that throw away the ...

Audi RS 5 Sportback Facelift Spied

Today, spy photographers have caught site of the first facelift RS 5 Sportback test mule seen thus far. This'll be the mid-lifecycle improvement of the current B9-generation RS 5, so known in enthusiast circles as the "B9.5". Many of the expected changes that will come with the B9/5 freshening have already been seen in the recently introduced B9/5 A4/S4 range. These include significant improvements in the in-car experience including touch screen MMI and more. Unlike the A4/S4, updat...

Next-Generation Audi S3 Sedan Spied

Spy photographers have caught the sedan variant of the next-generation S3 sedan out performing hot weather testing. While S3 Sportback variants have been previously spied, the arrival of a pre-production sedan body style is more interesting to American buyers where the 4-door is the sole body style for the S3. As with the first-generation A3/S3 sedan, this next-generation car appears to stick with its B5-harkening upright 4-door body style rather than going for lower-slung proportions ...

Autoblog: 2020 Audi A4 Avant Spy Photos Show Yet Another Refresh

source: Autoblog Audi just showed a refreshed A4 back in June, but the company apparently still feels the design won't be up-to-date when sharing showroom space with the new A8, A7 and A6. We know this because one of our spy photographers caught the above A4 Avant example testing with yet another new front fascia. This update is more dramatic, but it's still just a mild refresh overall.... Read the rest of the story HERE S6 Caught Completely Undisguised

[source:] has revealed spy photos of the new S6 completely camo-free. They surmise that the S6 will be released sometime next year. As they said, don't shoot the messenger. See the unedited photos and read the story HERE.