Video of the Day: Audi RS 6 Avant v BMW M5 Competition v AMG E63 v Porsche Panamera

[gallery link="none" columns="1" size="full" ids="44639"] words: Bill, video: carwow When it comes to Mat Watson and getting his hands on the latest and greatest, you know it's going to be fun. In this video, he takes the wheel behind an Audi RS 6 Avant and puts it up against an AMG E63, a BMW M5 Competition, and a Porsche Panamera. If you're familiar with Mat, he puts them through a drag race, a rolling race, and a brake test. So how did our favorite Audi do? Well...let's just say... ...

Autocar: Entry Level R8 Will Be Powered By A Twin Turbo V6

words: Bill Cho, photos: Autocar (R8 V10 pictured) Autocar is reporting that Audi will introduce a turbocharged V6 powered entry level R8 to the lineup. This comes after news that the current R8 will have a face lift and there are no plans to replace it. The V6 will be the same 2.9 liter twin turbocharged shared with the RS 4 Avant, RS 5, and the Porsche Panamera. Audi has mentioned that the V6 will come with different power options. Read the rest of the story here.