Audi Q9 Reportedly Coming Late 2020, Four-Door TT In 2021

[gallery link="none" columns="1" size="full" ids="41232"] source: The four-door TT would allegedly replace the A3 Sportback and A5 Sportback. Audi's lineup already covers a vast array of segments in the premium market, but new rumors from Germany's Auto Bild suggest the Four Rings could have two new offerings ready by the end of next year. The long-awaited Q9 allegedly arrives in late 2020. Contrary to the previous speculation, Auto Bild suggests the Q9 would be a large, three-row c... New Audi A3 Sedan Rendered Based On The Latest Spy Shots

[gallery link="none" columns="1" size="full" ids="39710"] source:, photo: Honey, I shrunk the A4. The Volkswagen Group has raised the bar with its new wave of compact cars kicking off with the eighth-generation Golf and the fourth iteration of the modern Skoda Octavia. It makes us wonder what Audi has prepared for the mechanically related yet fancier A3. The model carrying the iconic Four Rings surely has an ace or two up its sleeve to justify the significant premium it ... Audi A6 allroad And RS Q3 Might Make It To The U.S.

[gallery link="none" columns="1" size="full" ids="27895"] source: Head on over to Audi USA’s website in the “SUVs & Wagons” section and the only wagon you’ll find there is the 2019 A4 Allroad priced from $45,700. If you need something bigger and more luxurious for which you’d be willing to pay a premium, then we’ve got something interesting you might want to hear. No, we’re not talking about the new RS 6 Avant as that’s old news since the super wagon was anno... Audi RS Q8 Spied Completely Uncovered With Wild Red Accents

[gallery link="none" columns="1" size="full" ids="32576"] source: Audi has done little to keep its king-sized high-performance Q8 SUV under wraps. Sightings of lightly camouflaged prototypes started occurring in mid-2018 after a year of rumors. The camouflaged covered the front fascia, wheel arches, the lower portion of the doors, and the rear bumper. It wasn't hiding much. Instead, the prototypes confirmed the RS Q8's development. We now have new spy photos that throw away the ... Audi e-tron vs Mercedes-Benz EQC

source: Germany puts up two fists to fend off the Tesla Model X. The Tesla Model S took the electric car from quaint curiosity for the eco-conscious driver to legitimate contender for the hard-earned dollars of luxury shoppers. When the Model X SUV debuted later, it made the same argument while adding an extra row of seats and a lot more usability. And with the Model 3, Tesla is finally executing its vision of electrification for the masses. While Tesla surges ahead with borderline-... Audi Sport R&D Boss Reportedly Confirms RS 6 Avant For U.S.

source: Motor1.c0m Here's some good news for station wagon lovers. The red hot Audi RS6 Avant is rumored to be bound for a U.S. comeback. We've seen it on a spy video and on spy photos, but there's a huge possibility that we'll see and drive it here in the U.S. – and we couldn't be more excited about its return. The confirmation of the speculation comes from Audi Sport R&D boss Oliver Hoffmann who spoke with Car And Driver about the plans ... New Audi A4 allroad Spied For The First Time

source: The beefy A4 will either be a 2020 or 2021 model. We know Audi has a major facelift coming for the A4. We caught our first glimpse of the camouflaged sedan and wagon last month, and now spy photographers captured the elusive allroad model testing in the snowy white north. At a quick glance this could almost be mistaken for the A4 Avant we saw previously – the camouflage pattern matches, as well as the wheels and even the location for the photos. There are some ke... New Audi A1 allroad Spied Getting Snowy With It

source: A little bit of ground clearance and some tweaked body panels set it apart from the standard A1 hatchback. The last time we saw the forthcoming Audi A1 Allroad it was in a decidedly warmer climate, turning laps at the Nürburgring. Testing has obviously moved north – way north – for cold-weather evaluation and low-traction performance on snowy roads. No doubt Audi is putting the Allroad’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system through its paces... Read the ... Audi A1 allroad Spied With Rugged Cues On The ‘Ring

words: Bill Cho, photo: Earlier this year, Audi revealed the latest generation of the A1. More masculine that the first generation, Audi looks like they are playing with an even beefier version. has captured an A1 allroad testing on the fabled Nurburgring. Click HERE for the rest of the story and photos. Audi S7 Drops The Camo Completely In Latest Spy Photos

[source:] *YAWN* Another day, another set of spy photos. Just kidding...there's nothing boring about an S7 especially if it's the new S7. seems to be the clearinghouse for all the latest Audi spy shots. This week has been an onslaught of Audis caught testing and is at the forefront. To see the unedited photos and read the story, click HERE New Audi RS 6 Avant Mule Spied

[source:] Ok...our heads are exploding in the office. So today alone, we saw spy photos of the S6 then the RS Q8, and now the RS 6 Avant? Once again the fine people over at have electrified our dreams with photos of RS models testing in the Alps and this time it's the RS 6 Avant...well, an RS 6 Avant mule. Badged here as an A6, the dual oval exhaust gives it away along with an aggressive, though covered, front fascia. Speaking of electrified, rumors abound that... S6 Caught Completely Undisguised

[source:] has revealed spy photos of the new S6 completely camo-free. They surmise that the S6 will be released sometime next year. As they said, don't shoot the messenger. See the unedited photos and read the story HERE. 2019 Audi A6 allroad And RS 6 Sedan Rendered

[source:, render: Tobias Buttner] The new A6 is out and people are excited about the potential it offers. Artist Tobias Buttner has rendered what he imagines the C8 RS 6 sedan and allroad would look like and we approve. Read the allroad article HERE and the RS 6 article HERE

2 for 1 – captures both the New A6 Avant and Sedan in Spy Shots

words: Bill Cho, photo: Once again, brings us spy photos of the latest Audi. This time it's the new A6 Avant but wait...there's more. Behind the Avant is the new sedan. A twofer for this Friday. The new sedan may debut at the Geneva Motor Show but there are no plans for the Avant's debut. See the unedited photo and more after the jump here.

Mostly Uncovered Spy Shots of the Audi Q8 by

words: Bill Cho, photos: (above) and Audi Germany (below) gives us photos of the upcoming Q8. Mostly uncamouflaged, they show all sides of the exterior and a couple of interior shots from a previous shoot. Check out all the shots after the jump on [gallery columns="7" ids="7186,7187,7188,7189,7190,7191,7192"]

Spy Shots of the New Q3 During Winter Testing

words: Bill Cho, photos: While cruising through the internet on my daily Audi news quest, I found a set of the next generation Q3 spy photos from Taken somewhere in Europe, they show the Q3 going through winter testing. Introduced as a 2012 model, the first generation Q3 used the PQ35 platform. The new Q3 will be based on the flexible modular MQB platform, the same as a third generation TT or A3. Check out more exterior images (sadly, no interior ones) of the ...