Video of the Day: Diecast Rally Championship (Event 2 FINALS)

[gallery link="none" columns="1" size="full" ids="45795"] words: Bill, video: 3DBotMaker This is the most exciting racing I've seen in several weeks...the Diecast Rally Championship and it's the finals! In the 1st heat, it's our hero, the #20 Sub4ra Racing Audi Quattro (JustinRulz40) against the co-points-leader, the #08 3dBotMaker Racing Ford Escort Rally (Steven King). Will the #20 Audi win? Watch below for the results. [embed][/embed]

Top Gear: Audi SQ7 vs Ford Focus RS Drag Race

words: Bill Cho, video: Top Gear UK SQ7 vs. Focus RS drag race...did I read that correctly?  My morning routine is to surf the web for interesting Audi tidbits and this classifies as interesting. Top Gear's YouTube channel just released this unusual drag race video. Soccer Mom vs. Boy Racer is what flashed through my mind as I read the description. Pictured above is the mighty Audi SQ7 TDI...something we don't have in the States and may never get. This 5,004lb 435hp 4.0L supercha...