Tom Kristensen, Audi Club Nationals, A Track Day…Oh My

Mingle with Tom and Audi of America employees plus join us for an HPD

Mention Tom Kristensen to the average person and they may know the name but not the significance. Mention Tom to an Audi fan? How much time do you have? Tom is the most successful race car driver in sports car history. We all know he won Le Mans  nine time, six of them consecutively but did you know he also won races in every single series he’s ever raced?

Goodwood Road & Racing has put together a documentary about Tom’s greatest triumphs. You can see the trailer below. To watch the whole documentary, you have to join Goodwood’s website but wouldn’t it be better to see him in person?

Audi Club North America is honored to have Tom speak at the Nationals Gala at Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum on October 19th. The Audi Club National Event runs from October 16-20. He may also be at some of the other Nationals events during that time but as of right now, that’s not confirmed.

If you’ve never met Tom in person, now is your chance. He is a great storyteller and a very humorous personality. Sign up on the registration website (you can do a la carte!) for your chance to see Tom at Udvar-Hazy…a perfect place for a man who pushed the limits in very fast vehicles.

Audi of America will also be in attendence. You can mingle with them during the Nationals Gala or the VIP Guest Hosted Dinner or hear about products during Tech Talks.

They will also be at the HPDE event on Friday (information below)

Join Audi Club Potomac-Chesapeake for their High Performance Driving Event at Summit Point Motorsports Park on Friday, October 18th from 7am-6pm.

In addition to our usual HPDE fun, we have some surprises up our sleeve, including special guests and special cars!  Leading the way is Audi of America’s own Manager of Motorsport and Customer Racing, Tristan Herbert, who will be there to speak on Audi Sport racing, the race cars, and his experience in the car. Other surprises will be announced soon!

Sign up for the HPDE on its dedicated page (open until October 8th)

HPDE sign up HERE

You still have time to sign up for all these events or pick the one you want to attend. You can drive down (or up) for the day for that one event during this special Audi Club Nationals but we would love to see you at them all.

You can see the full schedule HERE

Audi Club Nationals a la carte sign up HERE