Three For All Round 2- 1:18 Scale GT Spirit Merlin Purple Matte or Top Speed Daytona Grey RS 6 Avants or Norev RS e-tron GT

Every time we do a giveaway promotion for our sweepstakes, the 1:18 scale models are the most popular giveaways. We’ve given away a Matte Daytona Grey, a Nardo Grey, and for our 1st ‘your choice between two colors’, a Navarra Blue RS 6 Avant 1:18 scale model to one lucky winner in each drawing. We decided to expand the choices to three colors for the last promotion and the response was overwhelming so we are doing that again but with a new hotness added…a 1:18 scale RS e-tron GT by Norev.

One randomly drawn participant will win their choice of either a GT Spirit Merlin Purple RS 6 Avant, a Top Speed Daytona Grey RS 6 Avant, or the Norev Daytona Grey RS e-tron GT…and that one winner could be you. Rodger L. from the Southern California chapter was the last winner and he chose the Tango Red model from Minichamps.

So which would you choose? Here’s George with the details of the models:

The Rules:

  • Starting Friday, June 18th, any purchase of entries in the Audi Club RS 6 Sweepstakes will automatically be entered to win either the Merlin Purple Matte 1:18 RS 6 Avant or Daytona Grey 1:18 RS 6 Avant or the Daytona Grey 1:18 scale RS e-tron GT. You don’t have to do anything else (except buy entries).
  • The giveaway period will end July 2nd, 11:59PM Eastern
  • Since the sweepstakes is only available in the United States and Canada (with the exception of Quebec), the giveaway will also be available to just those areas.
  • One person will be randomly drawn on Saturday July 3rd and we will notify the winner at that time

Buy your entries HERE.

The Audi Club RS 6 Avant Sweepstakes supports Audi Club North America, a 501(c)(3) educational organization. Each entry you purchase gives you a chance to win a new Audi RS 6 Avant in the Audi exclusive color of your choice. Your purchase is a donation that allows Audi Club to operate 31 chapters across North America and conduct safe driver training programs for club members and drivers from new to experienced, including programs aimed at high-performance driving, accident avoidance, winter skills training, teen drivers, senior drivers, and women-focused clinics.

Generous support from donors like you allows Audi Club to operate its programs and also driving schools on in-city closed courses, purpose-built training centers, winter ice and snow venues, and iconic world-class racetracks.

Thank you to our partners in the Sweepstakes: Audi Genuine Accessories, Thule, Griot’s Garage, and Mountain Hardware for their generosity.

Audi Genuine Accessories: Audi Beam Lights, RS 6 branded all-weather mats and trunk liner

Thule: roof rack and cargo box for those long road trips to Audi Club events with family and friends

Griot’s Garage: a detailing kit to clean your RS 6 Avant for the shows you’re definitely taking it to (and use the Thule roof box to take home all the awards)

Mountain Hardwear: camping gear including a tent, sleeping bags, and a backpack for those times when you want to escape the city and explore the mountains.

Buy your entries HERE.