The 034Motorsport Camshaft Kit for EA837 Supercharged Engines is Now Available

[Source: 034Motorsport]

The 034Motorsport Camshaft Kit for the 3.0 TFSI supercharged engine is designed to be a direct drop-in replacement for the factory camshafts, valve springs, and retainers. The 034Motorsport Camshaft Kit is designed to improve the powerband of the 3.0 TFSI engine to redline by lengthening the time the intake valves are open, while still retaining the bottom-end torque.

The 034Motorsport Camshaft Kit comes with all four camshafts, new valve springs, and new valve spring retainers. The 034Motorsport Camshaft Kit is only recommended for vehicles with a dual pulley ratio on 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Stage 2+ ECU Tuning. The Camshaft Kit does not require a custom tune.

Pre-Buy Discount
034Motorsport is offering a pre-buy discount of 5% off MSRP. This pre-buy will deliver in roughly two months. Alternatively, 034Motorsport is offering a limited number of kits that are in stock and ready to ship today at MSRP.


  • Manufactured by one of the premier performance cam manufacturers, Cat Cams, exclusively with 034Motorsport engineering and tuning calibration departments
  • Single-piece steel billets to improve stiffness and strength, allowing higher acceleration cam profiles
  • Increased lift and duration, resulting in additional power and torque
  • + ~30 Peak Wheel Horsepower*
  • + ~10-15 Peak Wheel Torque*
  • Includes valve springs and retainers to reduce valve train mass
  • Stock-like driveability

Full cam specifications can be found at

* Measured power gains on a 034Motorsport Stage 2+ E40 tune, stock throttle body, stock supercharger, stock catalytic converters