Still Plays With Cars: What To Do With A Smashed 1:64 quattro?

words: Bill, photos: Daniel Sciberras, George Achorn

We’ve all done it…mistreated our Hot Wheels/Matchbox/etc cars when we were younger. Back then, a car in the condition above would have been tossed in the trash without a second thought. These days? There is life for even the most abused cars if you have the determination or talent.

A couple of years ago, George and I stumbled across the world of 1:64 scale-model restorations. We were fascinated enough to give it a try on a sad quattro I had. It was the exact same model as the one pictured above. we aren’t talented but it was our 1st attempt. Daniel Sciberras has a bit more talent that we do as you can see from the transformation of his decapitated quattro. We stumbled across his restoration on the Facebook group Malta hot wheels and matchbox customization and restoration.

Daniel saw treasure where most of us would see trash. He apparently took the roof of an Isuzu Rodeo and grafted it on top of the quattro. I say ‘apparently’ because the description is in Maltese and I had to run it through a translator.

Daniel turned the quattro into a quattro shooting brake and it sort of resembles the old Artz shooting brake conversion. There are no instructions on how he did this but use your imagination…it’ll open up a whole world on what to do with your broken 1:64s.