Spy Photos of the Audi S3 Sedan in the Snow Plus Audi A3 Sedan (Almost) Uncovered

Our photographers spied the upcoming Audi S3 sedan during cold weather testing in Sweden. They also captured it hot weather testing last year.

There is not much changed regarding the camouflage on the S3 Sedan but it’s always nice to see some fresh photos during the development and the first winter testing. Well the first winter testing where Audi allows us to shoot some photos while driving on public roads, most likely these Audi A3/S3 sedans were already testing last winter but on closed locations.

The S3 sedan will share its engine with the S3 hatch and will most likely get around 300-320 horsepower from its four-cylinder engine.

We also added three photos showing the regular A3 sedan but without any kind of camouflage covering the front. Sadly, they still had a cover over the rest of the car but this still gives us a look at the front and the side lines of the A3 sedan. We think that these two cars are just an empty shell missing engine and gearbox due to the higher ride. We can also see that the headlights are missing.