Spy Photo: Volkswagen Golf R 20 Years Anniversary Edition

Is Volkswagen working on yet another Golf R version ?

We spotted this Golf R 20 Years Anniversary Edition testing at the Nürburgring with canards on each corner of the front bumper making us think the Volkswagen might be working on something more for the Golf R fans. But is it just some kind of track package that will be developed for the Golf R or are they working an even more powerful version? To be honest we have no clue what so ever at this time.

Our contacts at Volkswagen said that they were testing a “special” car that week but didn’t say what car or what they where testing. And since Volkswagen had several other R cars there including Arteon R and other Golf R at the same time, we can’t even be sure this one was the one. They could be testing some other car with no visual changes from what we know.

But on the other hand, the canards on this Golf R is nothing that you can order from Volkswagen at the moment so for some reason they are testing it.

We will of course keep you updated in the case that we should get any more information.