Spy Photo: Porsche Macan EV Spotted Again

We have some new photos to show you of the electric Porsche Macan out testing and decided ‘Why not make it a big gallery?’

As we can see on the photos showing the exterior of the Macan, we are dealing with two different front bumper designs, most likely indicating the regular model and the turbo model. As per usual Porsche model lineups, there will probably be other models in between these models. The prototypes where we think they could be the high powered turbo models have some bigger air intakes at the corners of the bumper.

We also got a clear look inside one of the Macan prototypes and we can see that the dash is not really influenced by the Taycan. The screen with the dials sits lower in the dash giving the top of the dash a different look. The gear shifter has been moved from the center console and has not changed to a little switch on the dash just like on the Taycan and the upcoming next generation Panamera. We can’t see much of the center screen but if you look closely, you see the ‘e‘ from the name Porsche in the screen.

With the gear shifter moving away from the center console, we can see that the climate controls have found their way to that area instead.

Below are all the photos we have of the Porsche Macan EV with the newest ones first. Enjoy!

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