Spy Photo: Lamborghini Urus Performante?

We know Lamborghini will reveal two new versions of the Urus within this year. We know that because Lamborghini had said so officially and we also spotted them during the winter test season.

One of them will be a facelift for the Urus most likely called EVO and it will basically just be an updated version of the current model. Expect a modest raise of power as well.

Then there will also be a hotter version which we can see on these photos. A hotter version that might get the Performante or Tecnica moniker when revealed later this year.

As we can see the front end looks more aggressive and has some of the looks of the Sian with the Y shaped look on the outside of the head lights. just like the recent Huracan Tecnica got. Also plenty of openings up front in order to help the engine breath better and get those extra horses to work.

The current Urus is powered by a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 delivering some 641 horsepower and we suspect that the Urus Performante/Tecnica will have a power figure over 700 horsepower under that vented hood . The vents are there in order to let the hot air out from the engine compartment.

Upgraded brakes and a firmer suspension will most likely also find its way in to this super SUV. Ferrari is working on its Pusosangue and that means Lamborghini has some work to do in order to stay on top.