Spy Photo: Audi RS 6 e-tron Goes Widebody

The development of the RS version of the electric Audi A6 e-tron, the RS 6 e-tron, continues as the prototypes have now moved to the next level of development.

Audi has already mentioned, via design boss Marc Lichte, that the RS versions of the e-tron models will stand out with both a wider track and a wider body to set them more apart from the regular A6 e-tron models. We have some photos showing the next level of the development for the first time , giving us a clue on how it will look. The wider track is clearly visible and of course also the wider body but just remember that the wider fenders on this prototype are not the production design. The production ready RS 6 e-tron will surely look much better and sexier, no doubt about it.

Of course it will also have loads of power and in order to get the power down, it need big and wide wheels as seen on this prototype. In order to stop, it will also need big brakes and if we can see this right, there are 8-piston calipers up front and drilled discs both front and rear.

So how much power will the RS 6 e-tron have? I think we can be pretty sure that the figures will be over 700 horsepower in the RS version when it hits the market. The sedan version, actually a sleek hatchback, will come first with the Avant (wagon) to follow later on.