Spy Photo: Audi RS 3 Facelift

Is the Audi RS 3 already up for a facelift or is Audi working on something else? This prototype raises a few questions since it’s only about one year ago since the RS 3 was revealed. But we can clearly see changes compared to the current RS 3 such as the slightly different shaped grille, the different mesh in the grille, and the modified front bumper.

Eagle-eyed people can also see that it looks like the Audi rings have moved up a bit in the grille and that the mesh in the outer corners of the front bumper also is different than on the current model but following the design of the one found in the grille. Sadly the backlight on these photos makes it harder to see and we never got another chance to shoot the car.

To us it also looks like the rear diffusor looks slightly different and with the amount of camouflage on the rear bumper we guess there are some changes there as well.

But will this really be an facelift? The 400hp strong RS 3 debuted just around one year ago and the regular Audi A3 sedan just around 2 years ago so it feels rather early. But then again, this is the first sighting and it will still be at least a year before a debut of the facelifted version would be official.

Only time will tell and perhaps we will soon see more prototypes for the facelift on both the regular A3 as well as the sportier S and RS versions.