Spy Photo: Audi Q8 Facelift

When the Audi e-tron got its facelift, it was re-named as the Q8 e-tron at the same time just to show everyone that it’s the flagship of the electric models.

That will not be the case with the ICE-powered Audi Q8 when it gets it facelift in 2024. The Q8 will stay Q8 in this case.

We spied the facelifted Audi Q8 for the first time and it looks like a classic facelift with a re-designed head light graphics, a different front bumper and a slightly tweaked grille.
At the back the rear lights are also getting a make over with new graphics. The interior didn’t show any changes what so ever at this stage.

There will most likely be some updates to the engines just to get some lover CO2 emissions and possible slightly more power.