Spy Photo: Audi Q5 with Production Lights

We have some new photos of the upcoming Audi Q5 and this time we had the chance to photograph two prototypes wearing the production light units for the first time.

It’s strange how much it makes the whole appearance change when you see the car with production lights instead for the placeholder lights since the changes are not that big.

As you can, see we spotted two different prototypes seen by the two different exhaust pipes layouts. While one of them has two smaller squared pipes on one side, the other has bigger squared pipes but one on each side. This is of course just indicating two different engine options but it’s good to see Audi is going away from the fake exhaust pipes to real pipes again.

The new Q5 is both wider and lower compared to the current version but it’s hard to say if the new one is also longer. At least our guess is that the new Q5 will offer more space on the inside.

Power will be shared with the new Audi A5 (formerly known as the A4) meaning a range of petrol and diesel engines, most likely with mild-hybrid as standard. Plug-in hybrid versions will also be available.

The debut could come as early as the end of 2023 with first deliveries in 2024.