Spied: Audi S5 Sportback B10 Now Testing

As the B10-generation of Audi models gets closer to production, further variants have been seen in test mule form. Today’s appearance is the S5 Sportback.

Most already know that ICE offerings like the B10 will shift to even numbers, meaning the replacement to any A4 derivative will be badged as an A5 derivative. We also know that the sedan is going way, leaving only a Sportback with more utilitarian hatchback rear opening.

What we also think we see here with the B10 Sportback is a more upright profile, something between today’s current S5 Sportback and today’s S4 sedan. Since this new Sportback will be replacing both cars, that it splits the difference volumetrically likely makes sense.

How do we know it’s an S5? That can be assumed by the more aggressive fascia, and also the quad tailpipe exhaust. Quad tailpipes have been an S-car formula for several generations now.