Members of the Audi Club Florida’s First Coast Region helped celebrate the groundbreaking for a new Audi dealership being built in Jacksonville, Florida.  This will be the second Audi dealership in the greater Jacksonville metropolitan area. The new dealership, known as Audi Jacksonville along with the original Audi location, Audi Orange Park, are part of the Hanania Automotive Group, headquartered in Jacksonville.
“Audi Tradition collection and the History of Audi.”
Carlisle, PA – Like the venerable quattro all-wheel drive system itself, Audi owners are a hearty lot. They’re not ones to be chased away by bad weather, which was critical given this year’s Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals sported a slot in the calendar heartily dampened by rain. Nevertheless, the show went on and the Audi owners seemed little phased by something as trivial as precipitation.
Event was graciously hosted by Brian Hall, Gen Mananger of Audi Hoffman Estates.
ACNA is proud to announce that Lindsay Porter, sometimes referred to as the UK's top-selling motoring author, will be a featured writer in upcoming issues of the quattro quarterly. Lindsay has written more than 50 auto and technical books. His latest how-to publication is Audi 200 quattro turbo Avant Reborn. To listen to Lindsay Porter’s Veloce profile interview click image above and follow link on bottom of page.
OF THE MYRIAD of new models on the way from Audi, the A3 e-tron has been for me one of the most intriguing and anxiously awaited vehicles. As I have a PV Solar System, charging is a freebee, and my commute is only 12 miles.
EVERY YEAR FOR THE past 15 years, one knows summer is arriving when Audi Expo kicks off, and this year was no exception. Audi Expo 2015, held at Griot’s Garage Flagship Retail Store and Event Center this past June, brought together a variety of Audis and owners to check out each other’s vehicles, and to soak in some sun and tunes mixed by DJ Alex Djnug Ng.
In order to know about an event at Audi of America headquarters in Herndon, VA, you had to be a member of ACNA. Though open to all who arrived, this meet and greet with enthusiasts, product planners, the new TT, Q7 and A3 e-tron was promoted exclusively to members of the club. Membership has its privileges.
THE BATTERY IN YOUR vehicle is a very important component. It provides energy to start and operate your vehicle, and acts like an accumulator to store energy for late use if your alternator is unable to keep up with energy demands.
BENOÎT BONINGUE IS AN Audi Club member and a passionate Audi fan. He has owned seven Audi cars in the past 14 years. Additionally, he has been an exotic car fan since he was fifteen. He started to get involved in the northern California car communities about seven years ago, mostly as a participant. Three years ago, he started 100|OCT (“hundred octane”) to gather a community around exotic cars.