Special Features In Series: The ABT HR Alloy Wheel With Up To 23 Inches

source: ABT Sportsline

The curtain rises for the world’s first series-produced aero wheel: the 22-inch ABT Sport HR in dark smoke with matt black aero ring. The spectacular idea with the striking ring is derived from the limited special edition of the GR Aerowheel for the ABT RS4-R and ABT RS5-R. Apart from that, the wheel with the ten filigree double spokes, which extend far into the rim flange, is a completely new design.

If you want to enjoy it in its purest form, you can use the more puristic ABT High Performance HR (without ring). Nevertheless, this version is also something special – and not just because of the ABT Sportsline’s newly introduced colors “shadow silver” and “dark smoke.” By the way, the ABT High Performance HR is not only available in 22 inches, but even in 23 inches exclusively for the new Audi Q8.

Thanks to the innovative flow forming production process, which offers similar advantages to forging technology, the ABT High Performance HR is a lightweight rim. A noticeable material compaction enables particularly slim structures and low wall thicknesses. The volume of the rim base has been reduced by up to 50 percent, enabling a slim flange among other things. At the same time, the wheel lives up to its name when in use, running extremely stably.

With their large dimensions, Sport and High PerformanceHR qualify for a whole range of high-end models from the VW and Audi ranges. If you like, you can also get both as a complete wheel including tyres. The 22-inch sizes cover the current Touareg (7600, as of 06/2018) as well as the corresponding Q7 and SQ7 models (4M00, as of 06/2015). For the Audi Q5 and SQ5, both the old and the new generation are taken into consideration. The RS 6 of the last A6 generation (4G0/4G05, as of 06/2013) can also carry the shapely 22-inchers in both versions – just like the current A7 (4K00, as of 03/2018). This also applies to the A8/S8 (4H0/4H04, as of 02/2010). On the other hand, free choice prevails with the new Audi Q8 (4M80, as of 08/2018). It is currently the only vehicle allowed to carry all available versions of the HR.

Further information on ABT Sportsline light alloy wheels and possible applications can be found in the ABT rim brochure.