Spring Mountain Motor Resort & Country Club

Audi Club SoCal conducts High Performance Driving Schools at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club.

Spring Mountain HPDE – April 22-24, 2022

Event Info and Registration

Welcome Letter

The 2022 Welcome Letter is HERE! will be posted here when it is published, within a week or so of the event.

Study Materials

Refer to the track map while studying the video. Listen to the sound of the engine to hear where (and think about why) the driver is patient getting back to throttle.

General Spring Mountain Information

  • Spring Mountain Motor Resort website
  • All Spring Mountain Track Configurations
    (This page shows the “A” variation of each layout. Change the lower case letter (from a to b, c, or d) in the URL to see the other variations. When using the center track (they refer to it as NSW) our club always runs configurations which include the Bus Stop.)
  • Spring Mountain’s Member & Event Calendar
  • Spring Mountain Members run with us all day on Friday and in our Instructor groups on the Weekend. We do not vet their experience or skills. We strongly recommend at least one dash cam in your car if you will be driving in groups which include Spring Mountain Members.

General Audi Club SoCal HPDE Information