Here you’ll be able to find Audi items for sale from local Audi Club members, such as Audi vehicles. All sellers information such as name, email, and phone number will be available on the individual posts, along with price, description, and photos. Please contact Larry Morris at [email protected] to list your own items for sale.

2008 Audi S4: $12,000

This 2008 Audi S4 is one of the last normally aspirated 4.2 V8’s, and is hoping to be sold to an Audi Club member. The vehicle is very clean with 71,675 miles, has current service records from Neillo Audi and Reno Audi, and has never suffered any accidents or track time. This S4 has its original white paint and a beautiful black interior, and is a great everyday drive or great for occasional trips to the track. The owner is asking for $12,000 for this 2008 Audi S4. To contact the owner, Mike McKeever, email him at [email protected], or call at (916) 390-3212.

For Sale: 2008 Audi S4

Price: $12,000

Color: White Exterior; Black Interior

Seller: Mike McKeever

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: (916) 390-3212