S1:E8 Unfair Advantage Podcast: Tom Kristensen Part 1: Space-Shuttle-Side Chat with Mr. Le Mans at Audi Club Nationals 2019

Yes, Virginia…we still have a podcast. George & I have been busy with traveling to Avantoberfest, meeting in Herndon (Audi HQ), getting the q4_2019 issue of quattro Magazine to bed, and prepping/working the National Event in the D.C. are so we apologize for not airing more episodes. BUT during that time, we did record some podcast including a 800-mile roundtrip in an Audi e-tron and an in-depth interview with Tom Kristensen. In fact, there will be two different interviews with Tom Kristensen, who was our special guest speaker for the Audi Club Nationals 2019’s Gala at Udvar-Hazy Museum.

This episode is the interview George conducted with Tom during the Gala. It’s filled with great stories of Tom’s life growing up and racing. George also interviewed Tom one-on-one during a 5 hour car ride. That will be in an upcoming episode so for now, listen to this fascination conversation with Tom Kristensen all while sitting under the space shuttle Discovery.

Listen HERE

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