Romain Dumas Unintentionally Rallies in Pike’s Peak Record Car at Goodwood

This past weekend was the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed, and there’s one particular run up the famous hillclimb that grabbed our attention. No, the car’s not an Audi, but it’s built by the Volkswagen Group, re-set the bar at Pike’s Peak and was being by former Audi Le Mans driver (and 2009 winner) Romain Dumas.

At one point, Dumas takes the car off the paved circuit and into the grass. From what the driver said, the motor running the front wheels of the car stopped working, effectively turning it into a rear-wheel drive car. The tail started to come around and you can see what happens next. Fortunately, Romain is a very talented driver and made the whole ordeal look like some simple drifting fun.

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