Bandimere Speedway Test and Tune Social

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Date(s) - Aug142019
4:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Bandimere Speedway

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Bandimere Speedway Test N’ Tune Social

A club social event at Bandimere Speedway’s weekly “Test N’ Tune” 



Why Bandimere?:

Bandimere Speedway provides a safe and exciting environment with a welcoming atmosphere for the car enthusiast with a need for speed. Bandimere Speedway, started by John Bandimere Sr. and continually run by the Bandimere family, has a proven history dating back to 1958 for safety and encouraging participants to keep the racing off the streets.

What to Expect and Track Instruction:

We encourage participants to show up as early as possible to get more runs down the quarter mile in before the crowds join. When you show up, proceed to the entry gate and be sure to have cash in hand for entry and a helmet if your car can run a quarter mile in under 13.99 seconds. The entry fee for participants is $35 and $15 for observers.

Upon entry you will then need to proceed to the tech inspection where seasoned technicians at the track will perform a brief inspection of your car and approve you with a number written on your windshield and a side window. You will then pull forward and rent out a helmet if your car will require it, if you are unsure you can do a pass and if you are under 13.99 seconds, stop and rent a helmet. a helmet is $5, non-refundable and your license will be held as collateral until return. Once you get your helmet (or not) proceed down the viewing lane to the West (left) of the racing lanes and observe the track for the staging position, burnout position (not required), start line, finish line, turn out area, and then proceed down the return road.

On the return road you will find a scale where you can weigh your car if you choose, it’s free so why not. Then continue down the return road and proceed to the same area as the tech inspection and get in line in one of the staging lanes. You may be directed by an employee or be expected to follow suit of those ahead of you. Once you are in line pay attention to your surroundings and move forward when you are able until you are next in line to pull through the gate into the racing area. Here you will stop and wait to be waived through.

Once you are waived you may pull forward into the burnout location where there will be water on the ground and do a burnout, or you may drive around the water and avoid wetting your tires if you have typical road tires and/or are all wheel drive (quattro). Once you are past this location you will be waived to move up to the start line where you will forward slowly until the top lights on the tree light up completely to indicate you are in position.

Once both racers are in position the yellow lights will illuminate from top to bottom and the final light will be green indicating time to launch and keep your car’s throttle down or in position to maintain control until you pass the finish line. Once through the finish line the road will start ascending and you are expected to slow down and prepare to turn onto the return road. Typically, the person in the left lane turns first followed by the right, but just be aware of the other racer or other cars on the preview road and turn around safely. Once on the return road there will be a Bandimere employee standing there handing out the slips that show the results of your run. Then you simply repeat this process until you are done racing for the evening.

Note: Be sure to show up with atleast a quarter tank of gas. Once you enter you will be permitted to leave so it is possible to get more gas right down the street if you should need it.

Location: Bandimere Speedway – 3051 S Rooney Rd, Morrison, CO 80465

Date: Wednesday August 14, 2019 from 4:30PM to 9:00PM.

All Participants at the track that stop by our tent may enter a drawing for a prize to be revealed on site. Winner must be present at time of drawing (8:30 PM) to claim prize.